Year after year, pastry chefs redouble their creativity to offer their customers original and colorful creations. Indeed, the choice is always a difficult one. Will you opt for a chocolate log? Would a fruit log be more suitable for the whole family? Does the chestnut proposal deserve to be tempted? So many uncertainties that also make the charm of Christmas.

Whether you prefer classic flavors or are a fan of unexpected combinations, in the city of Nice you are sure to find THE log for your Christmas table. Although we admit it, in the meantime, the miniature sizes are eaten in one bite. Hotel Florence Nice also has a penchant for sweets. In addition to the sweet entertainment it offers its guests in December, the establishment voted best hotel kayak 2020 has zoomed in on 8 addresses where the ganache is tasty and the originality is there!


  1. Lac Chocolatier : a must in Nissa la Bella

Since the acquisition of its first store in Beaulieu-sur-Mer in 1995, the Lac pastry shop has made a name for itself and taken a place in the hearts of the people of Nice French Riviera. Tourists, too, succumb to the delights of the shop, which was awarded the "Incontournable" prize by the Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat in 2014. Thus, it goes without saying that for Christmas, a chocolate log is proposed. For the end of year celebrations, the Lac pastry shop is bringing out its classic Andoa log and Craquelin log as well as brand new creations for even more gluttony.

Discover the " Fin d’Année " collection of LAC Chocolatier.

3 addresses in Nice :
- 49 rue Gioffredo, 06000 Nice (9 minutes walk from the hotel)
-12 rue de la Préfecture, 06000 Nice (18 minutes walk from the hotel)
-18 rue Barla, 06000 Nice (25 minutes walk from the hotel)


  1. Le Vaniller : the ingenious alliance of colors and shapes

Master pastry chef and chocolate maker, François Ducroux was the pastry chef of Jacques Chibois. After a stint in Switzerland and then at the Hotel du Martinez in Cannes, he opened his pastry shop in 1993 in the Quartier des Musiciens in Nice France. For the 2022 Christmas edition, he offers a wide choice of logs. Gourmet, light, fruity and chocolate, here is something to delight your taste buds and those of your guests.

Discover his creations and succumb to one of them: Le Vanillier Christmas logs

7 avenue Aubert, 06000 Nice (9 minutes walk from the hotel)


  1. Jonathan the pastry chef, the magician of flavors

Known for his original choux bar, Jonathan le Pâtissier has more than one flavor in his pastry bag. With a masterful hand, he combines pastry creams, coulis and toppings according to the customer's preferences. For Christmas, you will still have the choice since the pastry virtuoso displays 4 logs in his vitrine.

Among them:

- La France : a delicious seasonal log with Breton shortbread, chestnut cream mousse and Mandarin jelly.

- Les Caraïbes : a vegan log with exotic flavors. Vanilla almond cookie, with its mango passion fruit coulis and coconut mousse.

- Madagascar : hazelnut dacquoise, crunchy praline, chocolate mousse and vanilla cream, a gourmet recipe.

- Oh Canada ! : maple syrup caramel, vanilla mousse, sponge cake and crunchy pecan nuts, a log that makes us travel.

The choice is yours!

14 avenue Maréchal Foch, 06000 Nice (10 minutes walk from the hotel)


  1. La Fabrik des garçons, logs to savor without moderation!

When it comes to gourmet food, the boys are there. Installed in their pastry laboratory, they have revisited and created beautiful and tasty logs. They sublimate the windows of the Fabrik des Garçons in December. Find the Nuage log for a little lightness, the Rocher log for chocolate lovers and the Bigoudène log with the flavors of Bretagne.

1 Rue Niepce, 06000 Nice (9 minutes walk from the hotel)


  1. The Gusto Family boutique : generous pastry chefs

Here we are, spoiled for the holidays. The Gusto Family's pastry laboratory has done everything possible to offer its customers delicious logs. Shape, presentation, smell and taste are central to their manufacturing process.

Inspired by their signature dessert, the XXL eclair, discover the Gusto log, Gianduja mousse, vanilla whipped cream and caramelized pecans, Yum! A creation to sublimate your end of year celebrations, the Mercantour log, a marriage of chestnuts and tangerine that makes our mouths water.

Delivery possible, or click & collect at 7 Rue Masséna, 06000 (8 minutes walk from the hotel)


  1. Déli Bo : 100% hand-crafted creations

A unique know-how and creations far from traditional pastries. Pastry chef and chocolate maker Sébastien Jacob, known for his delicious signature desserts, has not finished surprising us. For the holidays, his talent and the inventiveness of his young team have come up with logs full of sweetness by perfectly combining flavors. From the all chocolate log to the pink log with red fruits, your taste buds will thank you!

11 Rue Fodère, 06300 Nice (30 minutes walk from the hotel)

  1. The Canet patisserie, creators of sweets since 1927

Present for nearly a century, three generations have succeeded each other and have delighted the people from the city of Nice. Shapes and colors that give envy, impossible to resist the beauty of these pastries. Christophe Cannet shares with us his exceptional know-how as a pastry chef at the end of the year. 

For his Christmas logs, he works on textures with delicacy and uses quality products. All the more reason not to feel guilty when devouring the Tourbillon log with almonds and pralines, or the Perce Neige log with Breton shortbread, pistachio and strawberry compote. A large choice of logs and Christmas creations awaits you.

3 addresses in Nice :
- 7 Rue Longchamp, 06000 Nice (6 minutes walk from the hotel)
- 3 rue Maccarani, 06000 Nice (10 minutes walk from the hotel)
- 25 boulevard Gambetta, 06000 Nice (18 minutes walk from the hotel)


  1. La Popote d'ondine pâtisserie : gourmet food for everyone

Comforting and generous pastries, made with love and passion. Here good rhymes with beautiful, each cake is a unique creation, home-made prepared in the pastry workshop. For Christmas, La Popote d'ondine pâtisserie offers two logs:

- The Santa Claus Log : a gluten-free gourmet creation with dark chocolate mousse, chocolate praline coulant and a cocoa/hazelnut cookie.

- The Snowman Log : a vegan recipe with vanilla, coconut cookie, lime and passion fruit mousse.

2 Bis Rue Blacas, 06000 Nice (7 minutes from the hotel)


Once you've tried Nice's France cuisine and organic restaurants, the Hotel Florence offers you some entertainment. From December 1 to 31, enjoy Christmas tea curled up on the soft chairs and poufs of the 3-star hotel. You can also enjoy hot chocolate, papillotes and a candy bar from December 21 to 31.