With 71.92 sqm² of surface area, Nice has 75.72% of green spaces. It is therefore the greenest city in France. It is THE destination that takes care of you and the planet. What are you waiting for to come and visit it? To try it is to adopt it! A blow of heart guranteed!

Nice, voted the Greenest city in France

In December 2021, LeLynx.fr, an online insurance comparator, conducted an investigation with several French cities to determine which is greener. Nice rose to the top of the list with a score of 75.72% green spaces.

The cities of the south are therefore good students since they occupy alone the top 5 of the greenest cities in France.

The criteria of this study concern wooded areas (forests), urban green areas (parks, gardens, etc.) and grassy vegetative areas.

On its 71.92 sqm² of area, the wooded areas of Nice represent 50% and the grassy vegetative areas 20%. This makes it an example to follow.

Promenade du Paillon Nice - Credit Summer Hotels
Promenade du Paillon Nice - Credit Summer Hotels

Moreover, it is the will of the elected representatives of Nice, since 2008, to make it the green city of the Mediterranean. Efforts pay off.

And it’s not over since Nice still plans to increase its green spaces through :

  • Extension of the « Coulée Verte »
  • Creation of new parks;
  • Future tramway line 5

This newline plans to go from the Paillon valley to Drap. It will allow the implantation of 800 trees, 40,000 m² of green way and 7.6 km of bike paths.


Hotel Florence Nice, a hotel that wants the best for you

As a Green hotel, the Hotel Florence Nice is pleased with this ranking. 

Our 3* hotel advocates every day, a more responsible tourism, by the implementation of eco-responsible gestures. This is in order to reduce our ecological impact and the production of waste as well as to preserve natural resources.

Green Hotel Nice - Credit Hôtel Florence Nice
Green Hotel Nice - Credit Hôtel Florence Nice

Concretely how does this work ?

  • We offer a healthy breakfast buffet with bulk products to minimize our waste.
  • Our bees produce 100% made in Nice honey, thanks to the 3 hives installed on the roof of our 3-star hotel.
  • Our rooms are equipped with 2 bins to promote waste sorting.
  • We implement recycling actions on a daily basis.
  • We choose suppliers committed to the environmental cause which are local (Elis, Monlongo, etc.)
  • Our business cards are made from material that you can plant in the soil to make a new plant.
  • We are reducing our water and energy consumption through technology solutions.

It is important for us to make a commitment to Nice for the environment. If you want to combine pleasure and ecology, then Nice is the city you need !

This destination offers you the opportunity to discover the French Riviera by bike, to do unusual activities such as flyboarding or scuba diving and to have lunch in one of the 7 best organic restaurants in the city among others.


We hope to see you very soon at the Hotel Florence Nice, located in the greenest city in France. Enjoy a 15% discount with the «DIRECT» code when you book. In the meantime, find our 3 tips for an eco-responsible stay.