Create your Fragonard perfume during your stay in Nice. Throughout the year, Fragonard Perfumery, a partner, offers mini workshops for creating personalized eau de toilette. For 45 minutes, let your senses guide you to make your own eau de toilette with the olfactory workshop on the theme of the «flower of the year». Find out how to participate in one of the workshops and your afternoon program as an apprentice perfumer.

At our eco-friendly hotel, we promote local crafts, sustainable development and nature. From breakfast, enjoy local and quality products. Honey, for example, comes from the bees in our hives on the roof of our establishment. Once comfortably installed in your room, go on an adventure to visit Nice. Not far from the hotel, we advise you to try a unique experience : the creation of your own eau de toilette. This workshop takes place at the Fragonard factory in Eze.

Each year, Maison Fragonard highlights a particular flower. For the year 2022, it is the dog rose (eglantine) that is highlighted. Symbol of poetry, this wild rose with a yellow heart blooms between May and July. To put you out of breath, the workshop begins with a free guided tour of the Fragonard Factory for about 30 minutes. The opportunity to discover more about the history of perfumery, the secrets of making perfume, cosmetics and soaps of the Fragonard brand. Once you have thoroughly immerse yourself in this place, sit down and make your own eau de toilette for about 15 minutes.

Dog rose flower of the year - Things to do in Nice: create your Fragonard perfume - Credit Summer Hotels 

Play the apprentice perfume maker for a mini workshop

Sit comfortably in your seat and observe what’s around you before taking part in this olfactory experience.

You have at your disposal :

• A description that allows you to understand the workings of creating eau de toilette

• A notebook of perfume test strips (paper base on which the perfume is placed)

• 3 bottles with different top, heart and bottom notes

• 3 pipettes numbered from 1 to 3

• A graduated beaker for your test

• A 12 ml spray bottle designed to hold your creation, which you will leave with at the end of the workshop

So, in front of you, there are 3 bottles that symbolize an olfactory pyramid with :

• Top notes: a blend of Italian tangerine, blackcurrant and lychee

• Heart notes: an absolute blend of rose, raspberry and wild rose

• Base notes: Virginia cedar, white amber and musk blend

As a first step, the workshop leader invites you to feel the mixture of the different perfume notes inside each bottle (called facets) using the perfume test strips (paper on which the perfume is placed). Soak up every smell and use your olfactory memory to define your first impressions/emotions. 

You are then able to create your own eau de toilette. Do your test with the graduated beaker, measure the amount of facet with the 3 pipettes at your disposal and feel to determine if you like the mixture. Do this until you get the perfect scent, the one that reminds you of a precious memory, a moment you want to remember. Then pour everything into your 12 ml spray bottle and take your creation home !

This mini perfume maker’s workshop is not just a workshop, it is a real invitation to travel and introspection.

Mini apprentice perfume maker's workshop - Things to do in Nice: create your Fragonard perfume - Credit Summer Hotels

Mini apprentice perfume maker's workshop - Things to do in Nice: create your Fragonard perfume - Credit Summer Hotels 

The mini apprentice perfume maker’s workshop : how to participate ?

To participate, simply be at least 12 years old and book your place on the Maison Fragonard website. This mini workshop is available in the factories of Eze-village, just 12 km from your eco-friendly hotel, and in Grasse, located 40 km from Nice towards Cannes. Starting at €29 per person, this activity is available in French and English and takes place in small groups of up to 15 people at a time.

Here is an idea of activity to do in Nice during your stay at the Hotel Florence Nice.

Participate in a sensory experience that is both playful and bewitching by going to the mini perfume maker’s workshop in Eze-village ! This is an opportunity for you to create a unique eau de toilette that looks just like you. Afterwards, take the time to visit the beautiful village of Eze which is definitely worth a visit. To finish in style, after a busy day, head to one of our best addresses to taste the cuisine of Nice.