Discover the environmental commitments of Hotel Florence Nice for sustainable tourism as well as its action to protect bees. Our ecological hotel in the heart of Nice defends a green and eco-responsible image while preserving an optimal quality of comfort.


The environmental commitments of our green hotel in Nice

Every day, Hotel Florence Nice affirms its commitment to respect the environment by implementing ecological actions to reduce its environmental impact, preserve natural resources and limit the production of waste.

The goals of the environmental policy of our 3-star hotel are the following:

  • Reduce water and energy consumption thanks to technological solutions and the implementation of responsible day-to-day eco-friendly actions
  • Reduce the production of waste through the purchase of bulk products, waste sorting and the elimination of dangerous waste according to current standards
  • Prefer local, eco-friendly producers
  • Raise staff awareness about the impact of their activities on the environment
  • Raise guest awareness about the actions carried out by the hotel in favour of the environment and the different actions that guests can adopt to contribute to our efforts


Beehives on the roof of Hotel Florence Nice


Honey made from hives on the roof of the Hotel Florence Nice
Honey made from hives on the roof of the Hotel Florence Nice

Hotel Florence Nice contributes to the protection of bees and the development of honeybee colonies with the installation of 3 hives on the roof of the hotel. Every year, our colony of thousands of bees produces an average of 40 kilos of honey "Made in Nice".

In Nice, our bees come and go between the Promenade du Paillon, the Albert 1st Gardens, the various parks of Nice and the flowered balconies of the neighbours of the hotel. A single bee can visit nearly 700 flowers in one hour. In the city, bees enjoy better conditions than in the country because there are fewer hornets and no pesticide.


Many types of flowers on the neighboring balconies of the Hotel Florence Nice
Many types of flowers on the neighboring balconies of the Hotel Florence Nice

At Hotel Florence Nice, worker bees are busy year round to produce their honey and a local beekeeper regularly comes to check that everything is fine.

This strong commitment enables us to raise the awareness of the employees and guests of the hotel about the protection of the environment. 


Towards a more sustainable tourism in Nice


Hotel Florence Nice is not stopping there, its commitment towards sustainable development is continuously evolving with a focus on responsible tourism.

Every year, over 5 million visitors come to visit Nice. Tourism is the motor of Nice's economy and is the region's principal employer. But it also represents a major environmental impact with excessive consumption of natural resources and the increase of many different factors of pollution. 

The city of Nice is establishing several environmental actions within the scope of a responsible tourism programme that Hotel Florence Nice adheres to. In fact, the hotel undertakes to respect its environment to preserve the exceptional setting of Nice.


 Visit Nice by bike - Credit: Summer Hotel group
Visit Nice by bike - © Summer Hotel Group

You too can participate in this action. For example, you can privilege green transport by renting a bike rather than a car. The hotel's privileged location enables you to easily visit Nice by bike.        
Our 3-star hotel also enables you to store your bike free of charge and with total security in the hotel's underground area.

Did you know that Nice is "the Green City of the Mediterranean"? The city counts over 300 hectares of green spaces, with many flowered parks and gardens like Château Hill, the Coulée Verte or Phoenix Park.


Choosing to stay at the Hotel Florence Nice means becoming aware of our ecological impact during our holidays and taking the decision to reduce it to the minimum. The entire staff is at your service to answer your different questions and to thank you for your efforts to preserve the magnificent French Riviera as it is today!